Is There an Over the Counter Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Geriatric medication aims to promote the health of the elderly people and helps to treat diseases and illness associated with old age. It aims to promote and treat all the diseases that come with old age. The diseases and illness and also disabilities that come with old age are treated through geriatric medication. Geriatric medicine is different than adult medicine because it aims to treat some unique diseases or disabilities which might come with old age. Elderly people have special needs and they would not respond well to treatment for adults or other persons where one or more organs might be healthy. A great primary care for the elderly is Platinum Care LA. It helps to establish a wide range of medicine for old age and helps to promote well being for old people. There is no specific age for which a person might be admitted under geriatrics.

Geriatric medicines can be very expensive and the results may not be satisfactory. Medicines which are made to function in a broad spectrum incorporate a lot of ingredients and hence are very costly. Also some medicines for elderly people may be very hard to get and need to be imported. This may also result in an increase in price. A list of some expensive geriatric medicines and their cost is given below.

Peripheral alpha 1 blockers

This kind of medicine is used to treat disorders of the prostrate. It is sometimes also recommended and prescribed for high blood pressure. It also helps in fluid retention during heart or liver failure. They are costly and prices can range anywhere from a 100$ to 500$

ACE Inhibitors

They are mostly used to treat blood clots and blockages of the arteries or veins. They are also prescribed for heart failure and congestive pressure in the blood. These medicines are very common among old people and in geriatrics. They can cost from 50$ to 100$.

Anti depressants

They are used to treat depression due to old age and sickness, numb pain and help with insomnia. They are also very common among old people and a lot of companies market them under different brand names. Their cost can be anywhere from 100$ a month to a whopping 1000$.


They are used for treating a variety of diseases like inflammation, pulmonary obstruction, arthritis and diseases of the skin. They can cost anywhere 200$ to 300$ per shot of injection or oral dosage.


Antipsychotics are mainly used to treat hallucinations, delusions and paranoia which might occur in old age. They are also being used increasingly in the management and treatment of non psychotic illnesses. Their price can be anywhere from 100$ to 500$ a month.

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