How To Tighten Extra Arm Fat Fast And For An Affordable Price

Gravity and age are harsh mistresses, and as the year’s pass, individuals often develop “wings” of loose flesh on the bottoms of their arms that can make them self-conscious and spoil the look of sleeveless clothing or those thin straps on bathing suits and evening dresses. An arm lift procedure is a solution to this troubling problem. A look at some arm lift videos will show you how simple this surgery is, and how it can make a dramatic difference in how you look in your favorite clothing.

Are You A Good Candidate For Arm Lift Surgery?

An arm lift officially called “Brachioplasty” could be a good option for individuals with loose skin or unusually heavy upper arms, caused by the aging process or from fluctuations in weight. To receive the surgery, you should be in good general health, without any conditions that could affect healing. You should have a stable weight and not be excessively overweight. It’s also best if you’re a non-smoker because smoking causing changes in the vascular system that can inhibit normal healing.

Of course, you should also have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do for you. It’s not going to change your entire figure, nor un-do a lifetime of bad habits. But it will give your upper arms a firmer, younger appearance.

A Look At The Arm Lift Procedure

If you spend some time watching a few arm lift videos of the procedure, you will get a better idea of what’s involved and what your expectations should be for the outcome. The procedure for an arm lift requires a significant incision, in some cases, so you will need either general anesthesia or IV sedation. The incision is either made down the back or inside of the arms or, with a minimal incision, in the fold of the armpit. The surgeon will remove excess fat and tighten the skin. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures or stitches that will be removed in a few days. You will be in the recovery area for a short time for monitoring. You should arrange to have someone drive you home and watch over you for a while.

Recovery From Arm Lift Surgery

Okay, it’s surgery, so you’re going to be uncomfortable for a bit. You will have to wear and dressing or compression sleeve to reduce swelling, and a drain will be inserted in the area to release fluid. You will be given antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medication to reduce discomfort. Standard stitches will be removed in a week. You should avoid lifting your arms over your head for a few days to avoid stretching the area. You will also have to forego your usual exercise routine until cleared by your surgeon.

The condition of your arms can be a giveaway for your age. If you want a younger, more attractive appearance, don’t be afraid to talk to a plastic surgery surgeon to learn how an arm lift procedure can help to improve your flappy “wings,” so you look more attractive in sleeveless and strappy clothing.