Why Is A Lawyer Indispensable When You Experience A Traffic Accident?

Traffic accidents happen relatively often, and that is an inevitable thing today. That is why it is important to know how to act in this situation and what to do. All motor vehicles must be insured so that possible damage caused during the accident can be compensated by the insurance. First of all, after the traffic accident, you need to immediately call the police, who will then come out and conduct an investigation and thus provide evidence. There are often situations where both parties agree on the amount of compensation without calling the police. In practice, it usually happens that one party admits its guilt and promises to pay damages so that the police would not be called, and later, when they have to pay, they change their statement and thus prevent you from collecting damages.

After the police investigation, you need to report the damage to the insurance. Damage from a traffic accident can be classified into two groups: material (damage to the vehicle, objects in the vehicle, damage outside the vehicle, etc.) and non-material (damage due to physical pain because of injuries, damage due to fear, mental pain because of long-lasting physical consequences, and ultimately mental pain due to the death of a loved one).

What you need to know and why you will need a professional lawyer (visit riderzlaw.com for this) is that in most cases, insurance companies try to pay less compensation than the ones set by the courts. Therefore, always contact a lawyer beforehand in order to exercise the right to real compensation for the damage that belongs to you by law. A good illustrative example is that insurance companies often do not acknowledge compensation for the suffered fear, while the court regularly awards this type of compensation. Insurance companies perform calculations according to their own rules and methods, and the consequence is significantly reduced compensation.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about paying a lawyer. This type of lawyer does not ask for payment in advance, but agrees with you upfront on the percentage he will take after the payment of compensation – in the end, you will certainly get more money than the insurance company would give you. The procedure for compensation of damages can be carried out without any payments and with maximum protection of the client’s interests.

If you have had a traffic accident, and you need the advice or legal assistance of one of the experts, feel free to contact professional lawyers for consultations and agreements on representation.