Keeping Kids Busy On Winter Break

All parents long for Winter Break to come so they can spend more time with their kids. But now that it’s here, what do you do with them all day? The constant questions, bickering, and cartoon noises will drive any parent crazy. To avoid the Winter Break madness, schedule some activities with your kids.

Winter Bucket List

Christmas Lights

Kids and adults alike love looking at Christmas lights. Pick a few of the more decorated neighborhoods and take a night time ride. To make it more interesting for older kids, take separate cars and create a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt.

Community Programs

During Winter Break, most communities plan activities such as parades, festivals, or craft days. Be on the lookout for them. Check out community websites or Facebook pages for the surrounding areas also. You’ll be amazed at what they do just one town over!

Gingerbread Houses

For a project that takes a little time, consider building gingerbread houses. Make sure you look up tips for making gingerbread houses before you begin. Older kids will enjoy this more if you make it a contest. Think of wacky categories like Most Candy, Biggest Failure, or Best Use of Icing.


Check your local craft store for deals on small crafts that can be completed quickly with little or no adult supervision. You can sometimes find them for less than a dollar. If you don’t want to go to the store, search Pinterest for ideas. You can make many crafts with supplies you already have on hand. If all else fails, coffee filter snowflakes are always a hit!

General Boredom Busters

Edible Slime

Slime is all the rage right now. Kids can’t get enough of it! To make it even more fun get the recipe for edible slime here! You’ll entertain the kids for a couple of hours, or at least minutes, and they get a snack!

Room Cleanout

Save this idea to break up an argument or end the relentless “I’m bored.” Tell the kids its time to clean their rooms to make space for the toys that are coming. They probably won’t’ like it, but rooms are easier to keep clean with less stuff. Box up their old toys and donate them to a place collecting toys for needy children.

Movie Day

Have an at-home movie day. Pick a new or classic movie and set up camp in the living room. Everyone can wear their pajamas and snuggle up on the couch. Make hot cocoa, and enjoy a few hours of silence!

Play Dates

Since they won’t be in school, your kids will miss their friends over Winter Break. It’s the perfect time to invite them over for an afternoon. The kids can show off their new toys and entertain each other. Perhaps the other mom will return the favor. Hello, free afternoon!

Surviving Winter Break takes a little bit of planning and a whole lot of patience, but you can do it! Just make sure you research tips for making gingerbread houses and get the recipe for edible slime here!