Make-up Trends for the New Year

The new year offers a chance to renew yourself. Along with making the same old resolution to lose weight, people love to update their look in anticipation of future fashion. Here are some of the top predicted makeup trends of 2020:

Neon eyes

Sure, brown eyeshadow is a staple for a reason. It’s neutral and great for professional settings. But let’s face it: brown is boring! Over the past decade, there have been a million palettes consisting only of the same shades of chocolate and taupe pumped out to us over and over again. And we’re sick of it. Thankfully, the tail end of 2019 saw the rise of the rainbow palette. Neon colors may be out of the comfort zone for some, but the new year is about trying new things. While neons may seem outlandish, they can actually be very wearable. Try adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral brown look. Or if covering your entire lid in bright purple seems too intimidating, try just using it as a thin eyeliner.

All-over glow

It seems as if makeup this decade was all about contouring. Of course, this trick was used by movie stars like Marilyn Monroe for decades, but in the 2010s it became a staple amongst the general population. But the trend will shift to the opposite in the next decade. Instead of shading your skin, you’ll want to glow to the gods. Dewy skin means young-looking skin. To achieve this clean and fresh look, try swapping matte lipsticks with gloss. Instead of trying to hide your cheeks with shading, show them off with a shimmering highlighter.

Matte eyeliner

The only way to wear eyeliner in the 2010s was a thick, bold cat-eye. This look was usually achieved with a vinyl gel or liquid eyeliner. Eyeliner in the new decade will be more subtle. Thin, matte lines as close to the lash line as possible will become the standard. Many makeup lines already offer a liquid matte eyeliner along with the classic pencil.

Blue eyeshadow

It’s difficult to imagine that once blue eyeshadow was a staple. This trend appeared in the late ‘50s and didn’t go away until the 90s. At the turn of the millennium, people started shying away from the hue. But blue is making a comeback. Blue eyeshadow looks gorgeous with brown eyes. And if you have multi-colored irises, blue eye makeup will bring out the blue in them. Whether it’s a soft powder blue or a trendy turquoise, many will choose to rock blue eyeshadows in 2020.

The new year is bringing in a wave of creative energy. Allow yourself freedom to explore these new makeup trends for a stunningly beautiful 2020.